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Raspberry Pi Digital Sign

SCLS has won the Award for 21st Century Cutting Edge Technology from ALA and LITA!

Raspberry Pi Digital Sign Image (Click to Download)

Things needed for a Raspberry Pi Digital Sign:
- Raspberry Pi Model B*
(Currently does not work with the B+ model or Raspberry Pi 2 Model B)
- 4gb or larger SD Card
- WiFi Dongle (ignore if you'll be connecting via ethernet cable)
- USB Keyboard
- USB Mouse
- HDMI cable
- HDMI Display
- Micro USB cable
- USB Power adapter (if your display does not have a USB port)
- Raspberry Pi Case
- Google Slides Presentation

*The links are places we've bought our items from. You do not have to buy them from there.

1. Download and unzip the file.
2. Write the image onto your new/formatted SD Card using Win32DiskImager (Windows)
3. Insert SD Card into Pi
4. When the Pi is on and loads up, you may get a webpage not found error. That's Okay.
5. Press Ctrl + Alt + Backspace to bring up a login screen
6. Username is "pi" Password is "nf67yt" (no quotes)
7. It should boot you into a desktop environment. First thing you should do is set the Pi to connect to WiFi using the WPA Gui found on the desktop. (Skip this step if you're connecting via ethernet cable)
8. When done, click on the 'start menu button' on the bottom left of the screen. Go to Accessories and click Root Terminal.
9. In the terminal, type:

cd /opt/kiosk
sudo pico .xsession

10. On the line that starts 'chromium-browser,' change the URL between the quotation marks to the URL of your Google Slides presentation.
11. Press Ctrl + X to exit. Press Y to save changes. Press Enter to continue.
12. Back on the terminal line, type:

sudo cp .xsession /home/kiosk
sudo reboot

13. If done correctly, your Raspberry Pi will load up with your presentation.

**For more info or if you have any questions, please contact:

Rich Loomis
Digital Services Manager
908-526-4016 x171



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